Streamline Case Management

Experience how effortless it can be to track and collaborate on cases throughout the office.

Create Cases

If you need to complete a process that needs an action taken by another department or by team members, where do you document it? How do you keep track of each person’s contribution and the status of the work you requested?

By creating a case in Followit you will be able to do all of the above. Better yet, you’ll be able to maintain all the information organized in one place! Document where the information was received from, what department received it, what area or user will be working on the case, and more.


Customize Templates

Every industry is different, and Followit provides the option of creating additional custom fields where you can capture unique values, such as amounts, dates, lists of items, formatted text, among others.

Supporting Documents

What if you need to attach a document for budget approval, someone to sign a contract or maybe just as evidence of a complaint?

Followit provides the option of attaching any document to the case. This will be logged in the case’s history where you or your colleagues can reference it anytime, anywhere.


Get Notified

We understand the benefits of staying on top of things, and for this reason we created the Follow feature. Press the Follow case and receive notifications and alerts every time someone accepts, refers, delegates, and/or makes an update to the case.

Refer or Delegate

Need help solving a case or is the case, out of your field of experience? No problem.

Followit simplifies collaboration by allowing you to pass along the case by referring or delegating to your colleagues. In other words, it’s like forwarding an email but organized and with the ability to track its status.


View Case Activities

View each case’s history in a single page. Just click on the log you wish to see, and the information will slide in on the right side of the case window, keeping you up to date at all times without having to leave the case.

Take Action

Once you have documented a case you must take an action. If the task was completed or you have all the information you need, you can select resolve. If you need to add information to the case, simply add and press update. For occasions where you won’t receive the information for a while or can’t complete a task until a certain time, you can suspend the case to put it on hold.