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Followit™ is a cloud based business process management and workflow software that allows you and your team to document and track any type of process in a centralized solution. By helping keep track of communication, your company can avoid losing sight of work to be completed.



Unparalleled Benefits



Followit simplifies the process of managing, tracking, and collaborating on cases by keeping everything simple and organized in a single screen.



No matter how big or small your company is, Followit can adapt to your company's needs by allowing you to choose how many areas, categories, and users you will need.



Work on a centralized and shared environment without compromising security. How? With the best, most secure cloud environment, Microsoft Azure.


What Qualifies as a Case?

The word “case” tends to be associated to the legal industry. In Followit, it can be any type of tasks, correspondence, claims, support tickets, notifications, memos, internal or external requests and more. Followit case management can work for any industry, just choose how it can be a best fit for you!


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Monitor and resolve any type of case in your company to improve:



If you need input to resolve a case, you can either refer or delegate cases to users, teams, or areas; streamlining communication and documentation within the company.




No more searching here and there. No more lost communications. You will be able to access the case’s history where all documentation, inputs, and attached documents reside in a single screen.

Put into action effective workflows that’ll help improve your team’s
communication and processes. It’s as simple as document, ask for input if
needed, resolve case, and voilà! You will always have it stored in Followit for
future references. A complete and simple workflow from inception
to resolution. 



Pre-established fields such as Sources, Related to, Subject, Working Area, Categories, and Priority make the documentation simple, organized, and easily sharable if collaboration is needed. Plus, email notifications lets you be on top of things from virtually anywhere.




Because Followit allows you to easily manage and track cases’ status, delegate work, and have quick access to the information you need in an organized, centralized environment, you are able to complete tasks faster allowing a better workflow.

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Simple. Intuitive. Modern.

With a clean dashboard and case document window, you won’t need to worry about long and complicated learning curves. It’s fast and easy! Just take a look.

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Learn how Followit is already creating benefits
“Followit is an excellent solution that allows our firm to keep track of all work in progress without missing the due dates.  The implementation in the office was very easy and adapted to our particular needs.  Also, the reporting schedules are very helpful for the team discussion and effective management of the workflows. “
 Rafael Del Valle 
Tax partner 
UHY Del Valle & Nieves PSC
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There’s much more to Followit than meets the eye. Its versatility can help improve your company in more ways than one. We encourage you to give it a try.


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