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Case Additional Information
Followit provides the ability to create custom templates. The purpose of this option is to distinguish Records with the Record Type Templates as well as to capture additional information very particular to your organization with the Category Additional Information Templates.
You might need to gather specific information on cases. Lets take an invoice approval for example. You can create a template for this matter and include values to be filled like Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Amount, Approved By.    
When you create and assign a custom template to a category in Followit, these values will show up in the case window when you Create a New Case and select the Category.
CAI - New Case.png
The user will then be able to add these additional values and save them within the case. These values can be updated, eliminated and/or added at any time after the case is created, always creating a log in the case history.
CAI - Current Case.png
 CAI - Edit Current Case.png
Case Additional Information Report
These additional values can later be gathered and exported using the Additional Information report. To generate the report follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Reports section and click on the Additional Information report.
  2. Once on the report, make sure to select the Additional Information Template you would like to look at and click View Report.
CAI Report.png
   If necessary you can include additional filters to clean the data being displayed.

CAI Report - Result.png
You can then export this report.