Quick Guides

Followit allows you to attach any type of document to a case. This could be for support efforts, for action to be taken or simply to document the case. These attachments have a size limit of 25MB per document to maintain a lean working environment. It’s important to understand that there is no need to attach a big size document to Followit. You could simply add a portion of the document and indicate where your colleagues could find the entire version.
To attach documents to a case in Followit follow these steps: 
  1. Open a Case.
  2. Click on the Attachment Link located at the bottom left of the case window.
Attachments Section.png
  1. On the right side of the case window, you should see the attachment section.
  2. Click Add to include documents to the case or simply drag and drop the document to the “Drop File Here” section.
Document Attached.png

These documents will now form part of the case until they area deleted from the case by a user. Both the add and delete actions will register a log within the case history.