Quick Guides

Placing a Case On Hold
You can only place On Hold existing cases of which you have ownership. When placing a case On Hold, you will need to specify a Hold period before you can move the case from your Current inbox to the On Hold inbox. The case can be resumed at any time during the hold period or, once the specified timeframe is met, at which point the case will be moved back to your Current Inbox. 
To place a case On Hold follow these steps:
1. Open an case that you currently own.
2. Enter a comment to indicate why you are placing the case On Hold and click Hold.
On Hold Case.png 

3. When the Hold window comes up, you will need to indicate hold expiration date/time and click the Hold button. 


The case will be moved to your On Hold inbox until the case is manually resumed, or the indicated expiration date is met, at which point it will be moved to the Current inbox.

On Hold Inbox.png

Resume a Case:

When you place a case On Hold, the Resume option will be available. If you decide to continue working on the case prior to it meeting the On Hold timeframe specified, or simply need to add a document or make a note, you can click on Resume to move the case back to your Current inbox. This will activate the case again and will allow you to update the case content.

Resume Case.png

Case Resumed.png