Quick Guides

Create Additional Case
Once you have created and taken action on a case, such as refer or delegate, you might want to create an additional case that has similar information. To easily do this, you will now be provided with the option once you have completed and taken action on the case you were previously creating where a screen like the example below, will appear.
Create Additional Case Option.png
When you select Create Additional Case, a case window will appear with the information that was entered on the previous case. This information can be modified and edited as much as needed. 
Once the case is completed and an action has been taken, you can once again select Create Additional Case or any of the other options presented on the screen. 
If you need more information about how to fill in the case information or want to know more about the fields, you can take the Case tutorial. To take this tour, press the Create Case button, navigate to the blue information icon on the top right of the case screen and select the Take Tour option. This will open a step by step tour that will help you understand each field and what information to enter or select.