Quick Guides

Print Case Receipt
Once you have completed a case, you might want to share the case’s information. To do this, after you have taken an action on the case such as refer or delegate, a screen will appear with the following options: 
Print Case Receipt.png
When Print Receipt is selected, a PDF file will be automatically downloaded and will appear at the bottom of the page like so:
Print Case Receipt PDF Download-2.png
Select this file and a window will open with the case’s information. 
Case Receipt.png
You can print and/or download the PDF and store it or share if needed. 
Additional Case Receipt
If you would like to print a receipt of an additional case that was created,  you may do so once you have created and taken action on the case. The same options window will be displayed where you can choose Print Receipt. Now, both the original case and the additional case(s)’s information will be displayed in the PDF. 
For more information on Create Additional Case, click here.