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Related Cases
Relate Case allows the user to document follow-up calls, related material or any information worth documenting that is related to an existing case in Followit. Good examples are:
A customer calls for a second time to follow up on a case and the case is not currently in your possession.
You receive an email related to an existing case in Followit but the case is not in your possession.
Both of these cases need to be documented in Followit. To do so follow these steps: 
  1. Open a New Case Window.
  2. Select the Record who’s related to the case.

Related Case - Select Record.png

  1. When the Record is selected, you will see all his cases on the right side of the case window.
  2. Click on the cases to view details about the existing case.
  3. Select the existing case you will like to relate; a blue circle with a check mark will show up indicating the relation; this will prompt all case actions to disappear except the Resolve action.
Related Case - Select Case.png
  1. Document all necessary information in the case Subject and then click Resolve to relate and close the case. 
Now whenever the existing case is opened, you will see a log in the case history that reads “Related Case”. To see the related case, click on the link located at the lower left corner of the screen.

Want to watch the Video Tutorial? Click Here