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Reopen Cases
Followit allows you to reopen a closed case at any time. If some important content was left out, additional information is now available or the case needs to be reevaluated, you can reopen the case and provide a reason for the action. This will be included in the case’s history log.
To Reopen a case, follow these steps:
1. Search for the case in Followit. You can click on the Resolved inbox or enter de value in the search box.

Reopen Case - Search.png

2. Open the case.
3. Click on the Reopen action button.

Reopen Case - Action.png

4. Provide a reason for the action and click Ok.

Reopen Case - Reason.png

Now that the case is in current status again, document the new information and place On Hold, Refer, Delegate, or Resolve the case.

Want to watch the Video Tutorial? Click Here