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Category Additional Information


The Category Additional Information template allows you to add additional fields for the Category’s information. For example, if you have a Category called Accounts Payable, you can add the account regarding the transaction and other fields that are relevant to the account.

To add a Category Additional Information template: 
  1. Navigate to Administration > Templates.
  2. On the Record Type screen, select the “Case Additional Information” tab.
CAI Tempalte.png
  1. Click on the “New Template” button.
  2. On the New Template window, enter the Title and Description.
  3. Click Save.

CAI Template Profile.png

The new template will appear on the list and you will be able to edit, delete or deactivate it.

When editing a Template, you can edit the controls and fields using the Control Designer. See the Control Designer section below for more details on how to manage Controls.

Control Designer
The control designer allows you to customize the templates and fields of information. The Controls Designer’s Toolbox contains 7 controls to customize your form: 
  1. Label: This option allows you to create a customized title field. Simply provide a title that will serve as a description for the field.
  2. List: Create a drop down list to provide defined values to select from. Add as many values as needed.
  3. Textbox: A Textbox is equal to an open field. It will allow the user to write numbers, letters and special characters.
  4. Textarea: This option has the same function as Textbox but is used when more space is needed.
  5. Checkbox: Provides the option to select a checkbox.
  6. Link: Allows to add a linked text or hyperlink.
  7. Number: An open field that limits entry to numeric values only.
  8. Currency: Also a numeric field that Followit will recognize as a monetary value. Navigate to Administration > Templates.
  9. Date: This option allows the user to select a date from the calendar. If you want to capture the hour and minute as well, make sure the Pick Time option is selected.
  10. Format Text: By creating a format text you are establishing the values to be entered. To be able to enter a numeric value enter “9”, for an alphabetic value enter “a”. Example: SSN= 999-99-9999; Phone Number= (999)999-9999. Once saved, this will allow users to enter the value and limit the input to the specified rules.
To enter the Control Designer and edit the controls:
  1. Select the Templates list you want to edit (Sender Type or Case Additional Information)
  2. Select the Template to edit.
  3. On the Template edit window, click on the “Controls” link.
  4. On the right panel, click the “Design” link.

CAI Template Design.png