Quick Guides

User Teams
Teams manage the distribution and assignment of cases in their assigned Area.
In order to add a Team, you must have the following information:
  1. Team Title: Name of the team.
  2. Team Type: This defines the logic on how the cases will be assigned to the users in the team.
  3. Users to assign: List of users that will be included in the Team.
  4. Areas to assign: Areas from which the Team will receive cases.
There are three logics available:         
  1. Fair: Will assign cases to the next member based on the order they were added to the team. It will assign cases in a 1,2,3 order. 
  2. Random: Will assign cases to members of the Team in a random manner.
  3. Available: Will assign cases to the member who has the least amount in their Current inbox.
To create a new Team:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Users
  2. In the Users screen select the “Teams” tab on the right side.
  3. Click the “New Team” button.
  4. When the “New Team” window appears, enter the Team Title.
  5. Select the Team Type and Click Save to apply the changes.
After saving, the Team will be available on the list and you can deactivate, edit the Team by assigning Users and Areas for it, or you can delete it. 

Want to watch the Video Tutorial? Click Here